About Us

Our experience in the jewelry and gemstones profession starts very early. Harry Daskalakis, our father and mentor, founded our company in Athens in 1976. He was also the first who came up with the term “Gemology” in Greece. The Greek term for the word ‘’Gemology'' is ‘’Polytimolithologia’’ which is a difficult word to use and pronounce. For this reason, he modified and patented it as ‘’Gemology’’. Due to his high scientific specialization (Certificate of the Deutsche Gemmologische Gesellschaft E.V. of Idar-Oberstein, Certificate of the European Gemological Institute of Antwerp-EGL, Certificate of the Gemological Institute of America-GIA, GIA Alumni Achievement Award, GIA Alumni Leadership Award) and his experience he became a Certified Appraiser for Greece. For forty years he has dealt with the evaluation and trading of gems and jewelry. His credibility and professionalism gained him the trust of his customers and partners.


Driven by the success of forty years in the jewelry profession we, Angeliki and Katerina Daskalaki, expand our services through our E-shop Angels' Diamonds. Having completed our studies in Art History and specifically in Archaeology and Visual Arts and certified by the Gemological Institute of America- GIA and the Gemological Institute of South Africa on jewelry and gemology, we fulfill our vision by providing a series of jewelry inspired by the needs of our time. Emphasizing on the excellent quality, we create jewelry that combine modernity, elegance and timelessness.

"Welcome to a world of unique, dreamy and luxurious beauty."